Episerver resources for new developers

Episerver is a comprehensive CMS system based on C# which is trusted by the world’s leading brands. It also ranks very high in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management report each year.

At Valtech, Episerver is implemented for many international retailers. The main competitor for Episerver is Sitecore which we also implement regularly at Valtech. In my own experience Episerver is more accessible and more easier to learn than Sitecore. But, when being confronted with a new CMS system there’s a lot to learn!

With this blog post I would like to share some very valuable resources which can come in handy when developing for Episerver.


If you need support from Episerver in any way don’t hesitate to contact them.


Episerver has a big community with enthusiastic developers. Feel free to post your questions on the Episerver forum.


The brightest minds share their experiences with Episerver on their blogs. Check them all out here.

Colleague & Episerver MVP Jeroen Stemerdink is also blogging about his Episerver adventures: https://jstemerdink.wordpress.com/


The Episerver documentation is really good and not to be missed. Essential reading when setting up and developing for a new Episerver platform.

The user guide is available online and as a PDF copy.


Episerver has fully embraced the NuGet system for the delivery of all their packages. The complete CMS and Commerce system can be installed by only using NuGet packages further improving the overall development experience.

NuGet package list: https://nuget.episerver.com/
NuGet feed Url: http://nuget.episerver.com/feed/packages.svc/


Episervers offers various courses to get you up to speed with Episerver. Check them all out here: http://www.episerver.com/services/education/overview/


Episerver does not function without a proper license in place. You either create a license for development purposes or you create a commercial license for your test, acceptance and production environments.

Read all about it: https://license.episerver.com


Another great way to learn more about Episerver and to meet the community which supports it is to visit the various Episerver events and meetups.

Demo kits

Episerver has developed various demo kits, also called reference architectures, which showcase all the latest features and which run of the latest version of Episerver. It’s a great way to learn how you can use and implement the Episerver products and their API’s to your advantage.

Quicksilver: https://github.com/episerver/Quicksilver
Alloy: https://github.com/episerver/AlloyDemoKit


Modules allow you to extend the out of the box Episerver functionality. A lot of modules are available for free. The modules are also called add-ons.

We especially like:
Database Localization Provider: https://github.com/valdisiljuconoks/LocalizationProvider
404 handler: https://github.com/BVNetwork/404handler

Happy coding!


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