Hello everybody, I am Dennis Velthuis. In my working life at Valtech Amsterdam in the Netherlands I lead a team of Sitecore & EpiServer .NET web developers. I have a very broad interest and at Valtech I enjoy developing and architecting valuable web applications for our clients with a long lasting impact. I have been involved in a lot of different projects ranging from small websites to full blown multi-site and multi-language Sitecore platforms. I like a challenge and projects also included large and complex Sitecore migrations to new versions and new hosting environments like Azure.

Research and innovation is part of my daily routine which resulted in introducing and implementing topics like Continuous Integration & Delivery using tooling like TeamCity and Octopus Deploy. Time is precious and therefor I am keen to automate as much as possible which includes BDD based functional testing and load testing of our solutions.

Application performance monitoring (APM) tooling like New Relic and Azure Application Insights are invaluable tools in production environments which I implement wherever possible.

In my spare time I like to spend quality time with my wife and my two sons. And if time permits I like to hang out with friends, study new technology or watch a TV show on Netflix.

With this blog I would like to share my experiences delivering solutions for an online world. I hope you will find it useful, enjoy!

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